Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hale and Gemini Cover Reveal!

Today is the day!

It's time to reveal the new cover of the third book in RS McCoy's The Alder Tales!

If you weren't already aware, The Alder Tales are currently entered in the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (#SPFBO), a writers competition for indie authors that just kicked off this week!

Blossom and the Bear is up against 300 self published books and you can track its progress on Mark Lawrence's website or follow #SPFBO on twitter.

There are a lot of great books, a lot of great authors, and a lot of eager publishers watching this competition, and I'm excited to see who ends up on top in 2017!

About the Book:
Hale and Gemini
Book 3 of The Alder Tales

The third son of the Bear Clan, Hale thought he had his life figured out. He had a stunning bride, his iron faith in the Mother, and has spent the last five years training to be the future clan leader. But when his life comes crashing down around him, Hale knows he can’t stay home. 

Leaving behind everyone he’s ever known, Hale is alone with his thoughts as he crosses the Alderwood in search of his sister. Then Gemini—the clan flirt and known gossip—follows him, demanding his protection. She’s just as determined to leave her life behind. Hale doesn’t know what made her leave her sisters or suitor, but he has no choice but to continue with a helpless girl at his side. Neither ever expected just how dangerous the Alderwood could be. 

Oblivious of Hale’s departure, Parson and Raene travel to Terrana to ask political favors in exchange for their clan leader’s freedom, but lingering injuries threaten their arrival—and their lives. They’ll need the help of an unlikely ally if they hope to succeed. 

And now, here it is, the new cover for book 3 of The Alder Tales,
Hale and Gemini!


Title: Hale and Gemini
Author: RS McCoy
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fairytale Reimagining
Cover Designer: Kit Foster Design
Release Date: July 18, 2017

About the Author 

Rachel McCoy is a Texan living in New Jersey. Between binge-watching MTV reality shows and baking gluten-free treats, she writes paranormal fantasy and science fiction novels. She is the self-published author of the Sparks Saga trilogy, The Alder Tales series, and The Extraction Files. Back when she lived in the real world, Rachel earned a degree in marine biology, which contributed to her die-hard love of manta rays. 

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